Live interaction for art galleries

Posted by Eric  |  October 21, 2011

The fun part with polltogo is that even if it’s primarily targeted at speakers, teachers, event organizers, speakers, etc., i.e. people who need to interact with their audience live, it can also prove useful in many other situations. One usage we did not really anticipate when we started working on polltogo: offering visitors the possibility of leaving their impression and comments while standing in front of a piece of art when visiting a museum or an art gallery/show.

That is precisely what two French galleries recently did on several occasions. The first one, the BAM Gallery in Toulouse (in the South of France), had an exhibition dedicated to QR Codes — quite logically, they used QR codes to link to their polltogo polls. The second gallery is located in Paris: the famous Galerie W, in the Abesses area.

Galerie W is also taking part in an art event by the Seine called “Chic Today” and has chosen to use polltogo for two of their pieces: one is a live comic strip (people who face the piece are filmed by a camera and become automatically part of a comic page — like this guy in the photo), and the other one is a huge board that says “Ma langue au chat” which is the French expression to indicate that you don’t know, and can’t guess, the answer to something (i.e., “I give up!”). Galerie W posted QR codes next to both pieces so that visitors can answer a quick poll and leave their comments on the spot. Want to try, even though you’re not there? You can (though it’s not as much fun as being there!) here: for the comic strip, and for the other one.

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