polltogo in Market Research?

Posted by Ralph  |  April 19, 2012

Yes, it’s possible.  In fact, it turns out that polltogo presents certain advantages!

To be honest, when we started working on polltogo, we hadn’t anticipated that our platform could be useful in this field, surely full of other more advanced or existing solutions… But time and again, while we have been out giving talks or pitches related to polltogo, some of the people coming up to chat afterwards would want to talk about “real” polls. When many people use the word “poll” they automatically think of political polls (typically run by Gallup, Harris, Ipsos, et al.), even more so this year in the US & France; both countries have upcoming presidential elections and poll results are constantly in the media.

After some investigation, meeting with experienced market researchers and attending some conferences (most recently, the Printemps des Etudes, in Paris), it seems the polltogo platform could be a good fit in certain types of studies; in particular, quantitative studies designed to have a mobile component, but also certain types of qualitative market research, such as those using a random probability sampling approach.

The polltogo platform fits in between SMS, which has limited possibility for interactivity, and native applications, such as iPhone apps, in which the sky is the limit in terms of functionality, but which are inherently limited to one device family and require an app download as a prerequisite for participation.  As one market researcher recently told his conference audience: “Apps are problematic. It’s best to use a multi-platform solution.” Being cross-platform, or platform agnostic if you prefer, has been the mission of polltogo from day one. It sometimes means sacrificing whiz-bang graphics and spending time testing on older, so-called “feature phones”, but it’s worth it! When a potential participant is prompted to particpate in a mobile poll, whether via a QR code, a link on a mobile website, or with a URL sent by SMS, it has to work.

The other reason, it turns out, that polltogo could be ideal for certain types of market research is the platform’s ability to ensure that submissions are only accepted from participants within a predefined, precise geographical location (patent pending; not yet available on the public-facing polltogo implementation).

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