Glowing university course evaluations

Posted by Ralph  |  June 20, 2012

As we already mentioned in our blog some months ago, many of our earliest users have been college/university educators in the US & Canada. The most common environments where polltogo has been used (based on the teachers that reached out to us) are large auditoriums and medium-sized university lecture halls.

Now that summer has arrived again, I went back to ask for feedback. One professor who had a class of 150 first-year students was kind enough to send me an anonymized transcription of the student feedback he received as part of his overall course evaluation. I can’t think of a better way to get the verdict on polltogo in the classroom than from students themselves! Given the comments I saw, this professor is already quite good at what he does, but there’s no doubt that the students loved the live interactivity polltogo provided to the lectures. In fact, the only “negative” feedback related to polltogo that I found was from a student who felt that in-class live polls should be somehow mandatory and for credit or bonus marks. (Interesting idea…)

My own suggestion: Why wait for the end of the year for formal course evaluations? Why not perform ad-hoc course evaluations throughout the term using polltogo? Perhaps a small multiple choice poll (or a rating poll) to see if students are OK with the pace of the material, and don’t forget to include an anonymous “comments” box for freeform feedback!

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