Simple idea: Using polltogo to take attendance in class

Posted by Ralph  |  June 4, 2013

A mobile-friendly polltogo poll to take attendanceHere’s a great, super simple idea from one of our users in the UK: Use polltogo to keep a record of attendance. This is particularly useful in education settings where a student’s presence in a lecture or tutorial session is tied to some form of attendance credit.¬†All you need to do is:

1. Create a polltogo — a poll or quiz on a real topic, or simply something like “Do you want today’s attendance credit?” — and make sure the option to request voter contact details is selected.

2. To simplify your analysis later, instruct your students to enter a form of identification that you have for them (in your class roll or student list) in the “address” field, such as their university-assigned email address or student ID number.

3. At some point later on, log in to your polltogo account to view the results for this poll and click to download its raw data file. This CSV file is a simple spreadsheet format that can be opened by any software package, such as Excel.

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