Yet another polling service? Yet another poll app?

Posted by polltogo  |  November 29, 2013

The answer is of course no!

When meeting people who haven’t yet heard about polltogo, we often get asked something along the lines of “Why another poll system?” If you’ve used polltogo already, you probably already have a good idea of what makes it a unique system, but for the others, let’s get into it…

First, what polltogo is not: SurveyMonkey. We aren’t trying to re-invent the wheel and create another service for web-based surveys and long-form market research. There are already some very good services for that.

What polltogo is about:

  • Live feedback in real-world situations
    At the root of it, the goal of polltogo is to facilitate the task of getting feedback from a group of real people when they would typically be offline; situations where they would not be sitting in front of a computer screen. For example, an audience at a conference presentation or performance, students in a university lecture hall, people reading the newspaper on the bus, or shoppers browsing in a store — polltogo is ideally suited for these settings.
  • Accessibility on all devices
    To make sure that the maximum number of people can vote or participate in your polls (and other forms of feedback interactions such as submitting comments, pop quiz, ratings, etc.) our obsession is to prioritize accessibility. It may seem obvious, but if people are out and about, not expecting to participate in a poll, they are not very likely to want to fiddle with their smartphone to download an app. And what about those without the latest iPhone or Android phone? It always surprises us when certain iOS apps bill themselves as “the” solution for mobile polls — what about the ~85% of people (depending on the country) without an iPhone? With polltogo you can be sure that your polls will be accessible on practically any device, even older non-smartphones using WAP web browsers.
  • Geolocation targetting
    One of the details inherent in mobile polling is location. Location matters. In some cases it’s an interesting piece of data to analyze later (for example, to see where your customers were located when they scanned the polltogo QR code on your product’s label to participate in a contest-poll). In other cases geolocation can be crucial, such as to limit participation in a poll to those in a specific area. With polltogo you can create mobile-accessible polls that are “findable” by people near a specific location, but also limit submissions to those physically present within a set distance from that location.
  • Pay nothing or pay-as-you-go
    An important differentiator between polltogo and other alternative solutions is our business model. Our philosophy on this topic is quite simple: No ads and no commitments. As we decided not to include advertisements, nor to sell user data, usage of polltogo to target audiences larger than 20 people is not free. However, instead of opting for a subscription model, we decided it was more transparent to sell “packs” of vote credits that you can allocate, as you see fit, to any of your current or future polltogo polls. So far all money collected has been reinvested in the business; our goal is to create a sustainable service that you can count on into the foreseeable future.

    [UPDATE 2014.12] Because of strong interest by academic institutions and large business units, we are now offering “unlimited” usage subscriptions. Sound interesting? Drop us a note and tell us what you need.

We could go on, but these should already give you an idea of how polltogo is different. Sign-up for an account and give our system a whirl by creating some polls — hopefully you’ll stick around and join our growing community of users worldwide.

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