Our new iPhone app

Posted by polltogo  |  January 22, 2014

This comes as no surprise to our existing users, nor those of you who have been following our startup, but we released a new polltogo iPhone app! It was actually first released quietly a few months ago, letting the polltogo user community help us iron out the kinks (you guys are great!) — but now we’re ready to tell the world. Go forth and download away! (It works great on iPads too.)

Download the polltogo iPhone app

The polltogo iPhone app

We created the polltogo iPhone app to help you better manage and monitor your polls on the go. Though it is by no means necessary to be able to participate, you could suggest it to your target audience as well (better if done in advance, so that people can download the app ahead of time using WiFi) so that they can use the “Participate” interface to more easily type in poll codes (just the ending part of a poll link, not the full URL), use the built-in QR code scanner, or find open “findable” polls on a map.

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