Polling the public using a T-shirt

Posted by polltogo  |  November 16, 2014

polltogo T-shirtAfter spending some time improving the way we interface with Zazzle to allow our users to automatically generate shirts with their poll’s details, it dawned on us that this was an aspect of polltogo that we hadn’t well publicized. It’s certainly worth talking about!

You may think that creating a T-shirt with a polltogo poll sounds like a bit of gimmicky fun, but it has some potentially interesting “pro” uses. When you have a limited marketing budget (e.g., for flyers/signs) and your target audience is around you on the street (or at an event/conference), wearing your poll is a creative hack to incite more participation in your poll. And of course, because you smartly created the poll with polltogo, voting will be friction-free for your potential participants since the poll is accessible using any mobile device, with no special app required.

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