Audiences can vote with their watch!

Posted by polltogo  |  July 9, 2015

In what is a world first, we recorded the first-ever response to any poll using a watch. A poll in french, no less! (It’s normal, the team is in Paris at the moment and the app finds polls geolocalized nearby.) All polls created using the polltogo platform are accessible by anyone using any type of mobile device — now it’s possible on a smartwatch too.

In this little demo, we show the use of the polltogo voter app that we just released for the Pebble watch platform. Unlike with other web-connected devices, feature phones and smartphones, where no app is required to respond, a potential participant requires an app to vote using their smartwatch. If you have a Pebble watch, get the app here.

Note: The video shows a poll that was set by its creator to be “findable” via geolocation, thus making it open to the public in a geographic region. Polls created with polltogo can also be kept private, so that they can be given to specific groups of people.

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